An in-development experiment about generating History with causes and consequences.

What is missing :

  • A time-rewrite feature to change the past and see the present change
  • More effect of the world state on the events to come
  • More events
  • English check (because I'm french)
StatusIn development
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This is really cool! I love the sense of time and change over time. I played it a few times through and I enjoyed the differences that can occur in different histories. I would love it if there was some visual element to represent timescale, so you can see how far apart (or close together) certain events appear in time.

Thank you ! I am currently adding some features I add in mind but couldn't do before the end of the jam.

Very nice, I like it!

Thank you for testing it ! It still lacks a lot of stuff I originally planned that I'll try to add in the coming days.